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We’re not just building software. We’re building a community.

Mission driven

Mission-driven, supported by funders

eLife is a non-profit organisation, generously supported by funders of research to improve how new results are communicated and used. Creating a strong and healthy community of users around Libero – and increasing flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for other scholarly publishers – helps us achieve our mission and maximise the investment of our funders.

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Designed, tested and built in collaboration with our partners

Libero is stewarded by eLife and guided by input from a Steering Committee, Special Interest Groups and the community. Our coding and decision-making are both done in the open and we actively encourage community involvement in our projects. This means faster iteration, more experimentation, greater transparency and increased robustness and reach for our work.

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Designed and tested
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Directed by Special Interest Groups

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are comprised of members from multiple organisations and provide focused forums for getting work done, making topic-related decisions, on-boarding new contributors and advising the Project Lead or Steering Committee.

Our Technology SIG focuses on topics related to the codebase, architecture, testing, continuous integration, deployment and related tools or services.

Our Product SIG focuses on the product roadmap and the adaptation of Libero for various use cases. This includes user-experience design, user-interface design, new and existing features and prioritisation.

Open to working with trusted service providers

Libero will work in a new way for scholarly publishing. As the community grows, we’ll be assembling a wide range of vendors for production, hosting, development, deployment and migration to provide support. Libero relies on technology and standards that are widely employed and understood, making it straightforward to implement and use. Publishers will have their choice of providers for everything they need, plus the freedom to change or combine relationships as needed. Recognised providers are invited to contact us and get involved today.

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