New software enables the rapid submission of manuscripts for initial assessment.

eLife, in collaboration with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko), has launched the first release of Libero Reviewer, an open-source application that will support the organisation’s unique editorial process from submission to acceptance.

This first release takes the form of a wizard that guides an author through submitting their work for initial assessment by eLife’s board of Senior Editors and integrates with the journal’s existing peer-review software, eJournalPress (eJPress). It follows the same mobile-first mentality that was incorporated into the design of eLife’s publishing platform Libero Publisher, making it easier to navigate the system while on the move.

The work follows the announcement from eLife and Coko in 2017 that they joined forces to build a user-driven, open-source solution for the submission and peer review of manuscripts, as part of a complete end-to-end workflow for publishing. The partnership formed after Coko’s work with University of California Press and soon led to a community, with organisations such as Hindawi Limited and Europe PMC committing their efforts to the project. The group works towards the common goal of improving how new research is captured and communicated.

Visit eLife for the full announcement.

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