Collaborating on the development of Texture brings eLife a step closer to its open-source, end-to-end publisher workflow.

eLife has announced today its investment in the development of Texture – an open-source toolset for the editing and production of manuscripts, designed to be integrated into publishers’ editorial and content-delivery systems.

Originally created by Substance Software GmbH (Substance) as a JavaScript library of tools for web-based content editing, Texture has been supported by a community of organisations collectively known as the Substance Consortium and including Érudit, the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and SciELO. eLife has now invested in Texture’s development to support its own open-source publishing platform, but – as with the organisation’s other open-source projects – any new features will be added to the tool in such a way that they can be repurposed by other publishers.

Visit eLife for the full announcement.

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