Libero Editor, collaboratively built to meet your XML publishing requirements

A user-friendly editing interface designed for publishing staff and authors for the production of high-quality JATS XML. Visit our Github repository.

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Libero Editor – built for humans

A JATS compliant XML editor built for anyone

Libero Editor is an open-source JATS XML editor built to work within existing publishing infrastructure at any stage of the publishing workflow for writing, editing and proofing scholarly metadata and full-text articles.


Our goal is to provide a configurable and user-friendly system that enables authors and publishers to collaborate during the production of high-quality JATS XML, using interfaces similar to standard word processors.


Each iteration of Libero Editor is rigorously usability tested to maintain a simple and easy-to-use interface that does not require understanding of the underlying XML schema. Behind the scenes, Libero Editor will use PubMed and Crossref APIs to facilitate reference checking, and will integrate with the Open Funder Registry dataset and CReDiT taxonomy to enable publishers to check/apply for funding or contribution taxonomies.


Future releases are set to include publisher Schematron validation, author querying and team note sharing functionality.

Libero Editor – Features
Libero Editor – Potential use cases

Potential use cases

Libero Editor has been designed to offer a flexible XML editing interface and is carefully built for integration with 3rd party tools and systems. We envision a number of potential use cases, such as:

  • Authoring structured scholarly content
  • Assisting in the peer review process
  • Proofing and quality checks in production
  • Post-publication revisions
  • Passing structured content between different vendors and processes

Delivery roadmap

Libero Editor is built on ProseMirror’s rich-text editor toolkit and is being developed in close collaboration with authors and publishers. An early working version of Libero Editor is already available and will be frequently updated as the project progresses.


See our Github repository for updates on features to be delivered this year.

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Libero Editor – who is involved

Who is involved

The Libero Editor project is a collaborative effort, bringing together multiple organisations and stakeholders with a vested interest in building an open-source XML editing tool. To guide our efforts we have created a Special Interest Group comprised of the following organisations:

How contribution works

Libero Editor is an open-source project that values collaboration and feedback from the community. We invite you to get involved in the following ways:

  • Contribute code and design
  • Join the conversation and suggest new features
  • Offer feedback and test prototypes

Learn how you can contribute using our Libero contribution and community webpages. Alternatively, feel free to contact us or join our slack channel.

Libero Editor – how contribution works

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