Introducing Libero Publisher, a modern and flexible way to publish academic content

A post-production publishing system designed to help you deliver beautiful content to your readers, wherever they may be. Libero Publisher is new and constantly growing. Explore the roadmap and come back regularly for news on new features.

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Mission driven

Built to the latest publishing standards

With its XML-based article store, Libero Publisher ensures your content is fully accessible to data-mining and indexing services. Data feeds to third-party services like CrossRef and PubMed are also simple to connect.

We’re building a real-time publishing dashboard that keeps you in control. By allowing you to see what’s happening, when it’s happening, the dashboard will enable you to quickly manage your publishing queues, create issues if you like and check that everything is working smoothly.

Flexible integrations

Libero Publisher’s use of standards and commonly used technologies lets you make your content available to developers, whether it’s for a third-party service integration such as payment processors, content syndication or a separate mobile application.

Our event-driven architecture and the community’s open software practices also make it simple to integrate other services with Libero – such as online annotation and the open-source Lens two-pane reader.

Designed and tested
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Developed and tested to meet the highest software quality standards

We know building quality software starts before you write the first line of code and continues until it reaches the user. Practices like test-driven development, automated testing, continuous integration and being open in everything we do ensure that quality is kept to the highest of standards. Using technologies for containerisation (Docker), orchestration (Kubernetes) and open continuous integration (TravisCI), Libero Publisher follows the best available development practices for distributed systems.

Modern online user experience

Libero works with you and your community, everywhere they are. Balancing elegance with accessibility, Libero’s mobile-optimised article layouts are designed for comfort but built for speed.

Modern UX

A better way to publish is here.

Driven by you, built by the community, flexible and modern.