Flexibility, reliability and strong support

The Libero Community is committed to building shared solutions that evolve in line with the needs of diverse publishers.

service providers

A network of trusted service providers

The Libero Community is open to all kinds of providers who can support scholarly publishing. We want publishers to have their choice of providers for installation, hosting, maintenance, feature development and customer support – and we’re talking to a variety of trusted organisations now. We’ll make every effort to help our partner service providers understand how best to administer, grow and customise Libero so they can offer you a hosted solution with service that is second-to-none.

For service providers, our open decision-making and open code means you’ll have up-to-date information on all current and upcoming releases. You can contribute to the roadmap and product direction, and add extensions.

Simplified migration

Migrating an archive of content to any new system is a daunting task; we’ve been there. To help ensure the process is as pain-free as possible, the community considered a diverse range of examples for defining core Libero data structures. If the core structure doesn’t fit your needs, you can extend or add your own data structures, minimising time spent in converting, checking and reprocessing your archive.

Content easily flows through the system, and the dashboard will help you to quickly preview imported data and check its status.

The Libero core uses conventions from popular publishing XML formats like JATS, BITS and TEI to help with compatibility with existing archives and standards.

migrating data
platform customisation

The freedom to customise

Libero Publisher is built for reuse from the ground up, taking lessons learned from the community and eLife’s experience in building our own platform. Customising any aspect of the platform is possible and the areas that are likely to need customisation, like the website design, have been made with that goal in mind. Get the look and feel you need by adjusting individual user interface patterns or simply changing configuration variables.

Any service can be extended or replaced and Libero’s platform architecture allows new services to easily be hooked in. We use well-known protocols like HTTP and a message bus, so you can add a new service and simply have it listen for specific events that other services emit.

The data structures used are based on international standards like JATS and TEI, but use extensible technology that can be added to or overridden to meet your needs.

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